Going Network Technology Xiamen was established in 2005, revel network technology to provide building sites primarily for small and medium enterprises (production), in English and Chinese domain name registration, single-lane virtual host rent, corporate offices and other basic network services. After five years of development, the formation revel enterprise web systems series, revel web mail subscription system, revel news management system, site construction (production) features, domain name registration, web hosting, business offices, supplemented by the enterprise web applications train service.

Going Network Technology Xiamen has always been "good faith pursuit of excellence" for the purpose for the majority of enterprises and institutions committed to providing professional, simple, easy to use comprehensive Internet application services.

Enterprise infrastructure services provided
Site construction (production) services, domain name registration services, web hosting (U.S. Web Hosting | Web Hosting Hong Kong | dual virtual host), business offices, to address the corporate Internet access and comprehensive e-commerce strategy, the provision of professional, full of advice and solutions ;

Going enterprise website management system provides

Going enterprise website management system features:
1, in line with W3C standards. Microsoft and other companies are W3C supporters.This is the most important, because it will not guarantee your site will upgrade the network applications were eliminated.
2, support backward compatible browser, that is, whether the future of the browser wars, victory is IE7 or Firefox, your site can be a very good compatibility.
3, the search engine friendly. Relative to the conventional table, using DIV CSS technology web pages included for search engine friendly.
4, the style of adjustment more convenient. Separation of content and style, so that the adjustment of the page and style has become more convenient.
Second, the production systems and news systems apply the two categories.
Third, the second drop-down navigation menu js, add and delete arbitrary management background, you can specify the link station outside the station can also be specified in the link section!
Fourth, the video part management, call windows media player system comes with the player, the blue version of the mainstream call flv video player, add background video link address corresponding to easy and simple!
Fifth, new advertising section, you can slide, banner and other images to add change the background to delete arbitrary set, and good scalability.
Sixth, message board part (after the display of audit replies)
VII QQ online customer service capabilities. Free to change the background increase in online customer service QQ number, nickname and avatar.
VIII Links section (sub-text link, logo links to both)
Nine, single-page content section (such as About Us, Contact Us, etc.) the background can easily add, modify.
Ten, the system of the relevant page SEO optimization, etc. can easily modify the meta tags to add content! Help your search engine! .

Going Mail subscription system to provide

Going Mail subscription system, the system functions:
1, visitors on the site at any time choose to subscribe to e-mail categories, subscribe or unsubscribe
2, subscribe classification using js calls can easily be inserted into the subscription window to any web site pages!
3, support for regular mass e-mail tasks. Timing can be set to bulk mail multiple tasks.
4, E-mail subscription settings activated, you can control whether to activate the background set, while administrators can edit the settings after the success of e-mail subscription send a email to subscribe to content related to e-mail
5, the administrator can view the subscriptions in the background, you can remove the invalid subscription EMAIL
6, the administrator of the bulk mail subscribers the option of sending all or category or check the number of subscribers specified mailbox delivery.
7, the message content can be personalized to bring the recipient to send the names to send e-mail format can be text based or HTML-based. Content type of HTML editor eWebEditor online editor, edit the message is simple and convenient operation manager!
8, provide a subscription email to add functionality, administrators can add background bulk subscription EMAIL, a large number of email addresses, support from the sql, access, one document into Notepad, email address mass data.
9, during the bulk import email addresses on the mailbox rule does not meet the automatic filtering!
10, imported or added to the database for the mail can be a one-time massive amounts of data cleanup to repeat!
11, the administrator can customize the number of subscriber email address generator to export multiple text files (text, word documents, web pages, etc.)
12, supports multiple SMTP letter added account, while sending, reduce the burden of SMTP server and send time (the equivalent of multi-threading.)
13, the administrator can set multiple e-mail subscription categories, providing one or more e-mail classification changes.
14, can be more pre-edit the content of messages sent letters to send to send to the selection of the relevant!
15 to support the unexpected interruptions can choose to send group e-mail renewal
16. Support online compression, backup, restore the database!

Going online news management system to provide

Going online news management system features:

Label template used to generate static mode, while ranking the data that are often used to call the ajax method call up, static pages can be updated in due course. Meanwhile, in order to improve the speed of the corresponding dynamic data calls to reduce pressure on the server, using the cache. div css web standards for layout, perfectly compatible with IE6, IE8, firefox, google chrome, and other mainstream browsers. Blue, green, red, gray tones are free to switch four styles to avoid a single site. Going is the latest version V3.0 version of news management system. You can click the view demo (www.163sy.cn/news)

Going Network Technology Xiamen has a strong technical team, has independently launched a revel Web mail subscriptions (bulk) system, revel enterprise website management system, revel news management system and other systems.

With innovation and professional, dedicated service, Network Technology Xiamen Going to share with our customers to bring value and opportunities of Internet technology, while continuing to explore the most cutting-edge Internet application technology, the depth of the online habits of Chinese Internet users, for the majority of enterprises institutions to provide the most comprehensive Internet applications and services.

Xiamen revel network technology can not develop without the support of our customers a long time, we will always uphold the "good faith pursuit of excellence" concept for customers to solve product, technology and other difficult issues.

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